We here at kaushal Vriddhi, have created an in-house program for CSR activities for corporate, wherein we have developed training sessions for awareness of different domains. This is a complete session which includes an end to end solution, from bringing in the people to getting them trained and certified, here we have also encouraged founders, chairman, top level executives, CSR managers and employees of Corporate to join and not only support the program in a monetary form, but also by giving a physical presence and making it a great activity.

We have tie-ups with several educational institution which includes schools, colleges, institutes and other institution, we have programs where we visit the campus of these tie-ups and provide a training session, and we have even executed CSR events using the space of the corporate and arranging a training event which included training sessions of the employees.

We can customize the event as per your requirement, let’s make a change to the society, and let’s do “CSR DIl Se”