AutoCAD Training Institute in Noida

AutoCAD Training Certification Course in Noida

In our olden days, engineers, designers and draughtsmen were struggling to produce and submit engineering drawings in their scheduled times.
It was mainly due to tremendous efforts they had taken to produce both new drawings or edited/updated drawings.
Every lines, shapes, measurements, scaling of the drawings – all made them headache to the design / drafting field. All these difficulties and pressures over-ridden by Computer Aided Design Drafting (CAD Drafting) technology.

Courses Offered:

1 ) Certification in 2D CAD

  • Introduction Isometric drawings File management Perspective drawings .
  • Orthographic drawings Annotations and Dimensions View management Team work.
  • Display management Layout management Layer management Publish and Plot Selection methods.
  • Parametric drawings Symbol creation using block BOM / Joinery details.
  • Creation Isometric drawings Perspective drawings Annotations and Dimensions Team work.
  • Layout management Publish and Plot

2 ) Certification in 3D CAD

  • 3D modeling concepts in AutoCAD Understand and use viewpoint and UCS Wireframe modeling
  • Solid modeling & editing Mesh modeling & editing Surface modeling & editing
  • Create & manage 2D views from 3D models Materials, lights & rendering
  • Working with images Import and export

3 ) Certification in CATIA

  • Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench­I
  • Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench­II
  • Constraining Sketches and Creating Base
  • Features Reference Elements and Sketch­Based
  • Features Creating Dress­ Up and Hole Features Editing Features
  • Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools­I
  • Advanced Modeling Tools­II
  • Wireframe and Surface Design

4 ) Certification in Solid Work

  • Sketcher basics Bottom­up assembly 3D
  • sketching Top­down assembly Part
  • modeling Exploding assemblies Creating reference geometries Simulation/ Detailing
  • Editing features BOM, balloon tools
  • Advanced modeling tools Sheet metal Configuration PDM Works
  • Design table/library features Weldment Import/export of files GD&T
  • Surface overview
  • Bottom­up assembly
  • Top­down assembly
  • Exploding assemblies
  • Simulation/ Detailing
  • BOM, balloon tools
  • Sheet metal
  • PDM Works
  • Weldment
  • GD&T

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